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Results from 2021


From the period of November 2021 to 2022, an online survey was conducted to gain insight into the current uses and experiences in the areas around Nedre Akerselva in Grønland.



A similar online survey was conducted in 2020 – and since then, several immediate initiatives have been carried out with the aim to make the urban spaces and streets more attractive. Additionally, the most recent survey posed questions to respondents asking how they felt about the initiatives that have been implemented and what effects they have had.

The results from the online survey must be taken in context with other insights and dialogue work that has been completed. Everyone is not equally represented in the online survey (children and the elderly), so the results from the digital participation are not representative of the entire neighborhood. You can read more about this at the bottom of the page.

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Experiences of the area along Nedre Akerselva

Based on clicks that respondent have left on maps in our digital survey, we notice that there are differences in how people perceive and experience the different places in Grønland. There are 6 places that particularly stand out – either in a positive or negative direction.

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This area received fewer comments than last year - but still, for many who have visited the park they describe it as unsafe due to drug use and sales.

Noticeably more likes in the park this year - mostly regarding the river, green qualities, and atmospheric lighting.



A few comments describe the park as nice but a majority of survey respondents feel the area is unsafe due to the sale of drugs.


This area received fewer likes than in the survey from 2020.

Many respondents experience feeling unsafe here due to narcotic sales, and it is mentioned several time that the area is dark and has poor lighting.



Trends are indicating that this area is perceived as more unsafe than a year ago. This notion is supported by interactions and dialogue in both the field and with other actors. A majority of the comments are related to intoxication / undesirable activities.


In this area we recognize several new features and offers that people like. Gartnerløkka will not be marked as unsafe as it was in 2020.



Several features in this area received positive comments which mostly pertained to activities, lighting, places to stay, and particularly the paddle club / wooden boast association. In general, there are significantly more likes now than in 2020.

However, the area is still considered unsafe due to drug sales; and many negative comments mentioned that it "feels temporary."



Main circulation for walking and cycling

Confluence of walking and bicycling traffic

Unsafe places

Well liked places

Dive into the data!

The results are based on inputs that survey respondents have left by marking a spot on the map and leaving a comment. Below you can view all the comments that have been collected.

Note: Unfortunately, this feature does not work on mobile.

Select what category you want to view. Hold the cursor over the circles in the map to read the comments.

You can zoom in and

out of the map. Use the navigation tool in the left corner if necessary. Furthermore, you sort the data by different user groups by unchecking them in list above.

Feedback to implemented measure

What are the reactions and responses to some of the immediate measures that have been implemented? The survey respondents were asked what they thought about the initiatives at Olafiagangen, the pavilion at Elgsletta, and the sub-project Light Up! Click on the activities below to see the comments.

IMG_8097 2_edited.jpg

Klikk for å se innspill


Klikk for å se innspill

The pavilion at Elgsletta

Several comments are positive about the measure – mentioning that it has improved the area. Others believe it was a good attempt but more could have been done and that it did not have any significant impact on the current challenges. While some do not understand the propose and objective of the project.


Many survey respondents feel the measure generated positive activities in the area which has contributed to more life. Some others think it was a good effort but it could have been executed better – particularly better maintenance. Additionally, it was also mentioned that the measure did not have an impact on the current challenges in the area.


Klikk for å se innspill

Subproject Light Up!

The survey respondents are generally positive about the measure – it has made the area more pleasant. However, many feel that it has not had a significant impact on the existing and larger challenges. Moreso, some respondents did not know the measure existed.

Who is represented?

212 people completed the entire online survey. The results from those who partially completed the survey have been included in the collection as well. Survey respondents were asked demographic related questions such as gender, age, place of residence and work in order to get a broad overview of who are represented in the participation. The gender distribution of the survey respondents is fairly split between men and women; and the ages represented range from 20-69 years old.

The data from the survey has been collected and summarized in a report. Read more about who is represented in the participation.

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