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The background for the collaboration

The area that we define as Nedre Akerselva is located between Grønland, Tøyen and city center. The area is a part of Grønland and Tøyen which over time have had their share of challenges both in regard to poverty and poor living environments. In addition, many of the streets and urban spaces in the area have bigger challenges connected to the drug environment and drug crimes since a lot of people who are not from the area also seek out the area because of its association with the drug environment as well as services and offers for drug addicts.


Even though the work to enhance the social environment has been going on for a long time and a lot of positive things have come from it, the area still faces a lot of challenges that demands a joined effort to be resolved. In January 2020 a new agreement concerning an area lift for Grønland and Tøyen towards 2026 was signed. Experiences indicates that the most important work that can be done is preventive work which is why the police has received 37 million to preventive work in the area.


Two socio-cultural site analysis has been drawn up for the area. It was drawn up in 2015 for Tøyen and in 2017 for Grønland. Both reports point in the direction of and on the importance of investing in urban spaces and better living environments, with a high level of involvement and support for volunteering in addition to ensure better conditions that cover primary needs such as fighting poverty. This will increase the safety in the area and make it more attractive both for those who work there, live there and for those who visits the area to use its unique and attractive trade and service offerings.

Read more about the ongoing work related to the arealift here.


It is a goal for this landowner collaboration to be able to contribute more actively in the work of enhancing the safety and thrive in the urban environment as well as the living environment «here and now», and in the same time contribute to a better social environment in Grønland, in the long run. We wish to achieve this through a close collaboration with the public instances involved in the work.

We wish to contribute in/to making this a safer place to work, live and visit.


There are already agreements between the state and Oslo Municipality and a big government instance is in place, working with solutions to these challenges. Meanwhile, we as landowners see that we have a possibility to contribute to the work and take part in the social responsibilities regarding the development projects we have going on in the area.


The project began in the winter 2019 where LÉVA Urban Design got involved to assist the landowners in elaborating a strategy for temporary initiatives as groundwork for further prioritizations in the years to come.


During the fall and winter 2020 and stretching into 2021 we plan to implement multiple of the sub-projects with focus on creating a more attractive urban environment. The initiatives are coordinated in collaboration with Områdeløft Grønland Tøyen og Bymiljøetaten.​​


The landowner collaboration originates from Nedre Akerselva Grunneierforum and is a collaboration between Oslo Areal, Eiendomsspar, Entra og Norges Varemesse. The workgroup consists of representatives from each company.


Are you an owner of something in the neighborhood and wishes to join the work?

Contact Jorunn Grøntveit for more information.


LÉVA Urban Design is working as consultant and assisting with the coordination and project development.

Contact person working group

Carl Henrik Borchsenius



The working group consists of representatives from:

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The project team from LÉVA Urban Design assists the group in coordinating the project and is responsible for sub-projects. The team from LÉVA:


Aslaug Tveit

Project manager

Julie svart hvitt.png

Linn Terese Gjerd Larsen

Project employee

anja svart hvitt.png

Eline Øyri

Project employee

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