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The vision for "Nedre akerselva" 2023

We want to contribute and help implementing good interventions, initiatives and measures that has a positive impact for people in the area and at the same time gives area a more positive reputation. To find out which interventions and measures with the most positive and greatest impact, we will consult with the local residents and users of the area. Bring out the good ideas and find out how they can be implemented.


We want to create commitment and interest among residents and get local shops and service establishments on board. The result will be best if public agencies, private actors, employees, residents and local users work together to create safe and attractive urban spaces. That is why we want to involve the local community as much as possible!


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Field report from summer 2021

In the spring of 2021, the sub-project Elgsletta was in focus. Here they worked to create a vision for the future Elgsletta, which helped to anchor a common goal. This laid a good foundation for collaboration with the Old Oslo District and the Urban Environment Agency to initiate measures on Elgsletta. In June, Nabosamarbeidet, together with Bydel Gamle Oslo and several departments in the Urban Environment Agency, arranged a large-scale charity event with a number of measures in the area around Nedre Akerselva. This document is a field report from LÉVA Urban Design's work in the field, before and during the workshop, and from the event "Summer on Elgsletta" - an extension and test project on physical presence on Elgsletta. 

Strategi GG- tegneserie-01-01-01.png
The Strategy

The strategy document that was prepared by LÉVA Urban Design in the spring of 2020 is one of our basic documents that points to further priorities and which we take as our starting point when we define the first sub-projects for realization. Furthermore, we will continue to supplement with new knowledge and a new basis on an ongoing basis to ensure that the right priorities are made. The goal is to supplement and support the public investment and ensure the sharing of knowledge along the way. We have placed great emphasis on input from the population in the area so that we get first-hand knowledge of what they want and need to have an even better everyday life in their own local environment. 

 digital participation 2020

In the period October-December 2020, a digital survey was sent out to residents and employees in the area.

The survey focused on mapping use among residents and employees in the local community and what potentials they see for measures that can be taken "here and now". Special emphasis was also placed on mapping which traffic arteries and places are perceived as unsafe, as well as what the respondents perceive as the reason for this. The insight from the survey will be used as part of the basis for further prioritization of immediate measures in 2021.

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Strategy for winter light at Vaterland

Light up! is the first sub-project to be invested in the landowner collaboration. Zenisk, which has prepared the strategy document, has given its recommendations in such a way that it will be possible for more people to participate in realizing measures. The strategy document will provide guidance for the types of measures related to light that should be invested in in the coming years.


The document provides recommendations for an overall strategy for lighting in the Nedre Akerselva area. We encourage more people to join in a light charity event.

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